My home visitor is great, love the time spent wish it was longer and more often.

My worker is absolutely wonderful and I feel very comfortable with her!

My home visitor is an excellent Healthy Family service provider. She always keeps me informed and provides helpful information for our child. I’m very thankful for her. She is a blessing to us.

My home visitor is amazing. She always goes above and beyond for us. I couldn’t ask for better. You can tell she is truly passionate about her job.

I’m perfectly happy with all services provided to me.

Love my visitors! We’ve have great experiences with all of them!

I believe ya’ll are doing a great job. Great communication, and resources, great lessons, help. All over I’m very satisfied.

I really love it. Somethings we talk about I didn’t realize was so important when raising children and now I understand a little more than before.

My worker is a very sweet person. A beautiful soul. My daughter loves her.

My home visitor has become like family, she’s so easy to talk to, shes patient, relatable and understanding.

Always a pleasent experience working with each staff member from Healthy Families.

They always act great and interact with my 2 year old as well and let me vent and talk about life issues and worries as well.

My worker is very helpful and respectful. Very thoughtful with my kids. We would highly recommend her to other families.

She has felt like a close friend rather than an FSS. She’s always been nice and friendly. My daughter adores her and is always asking about her when she’s not here. I feel comfortable enough to open up about things like family issues and motherhood.

Healthy Families is wonderful. They have been great. My visitor has went out of her way to meet our needs and assist where she can. I’m very thankful for my home visitor and Healthy Families.

She works very hard and she’s very family oriented with my baby and myself I love her.

Our worker is the absolute best and my son absolutely loves her and is very comfortable with her, she loves our family and we love her like our own.

She’s very kind and helpful with his growth and development. She helps with activities for my son to do to help with fine motor skills and his health overall.

We LOVE her! Our visits always feel like a visit from a friend/family member and we’re so comfortable with her.

I have always been treated good no matter my views/beliefs. My children love the visits and are always excited for them.

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